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Birthdate:Jun 19
Location:Washington, United States of America

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alan rickman, angel, anne mccaffrey, anne rice, art, astrology, babylon 5, balcony gardening, bdsm, bisexuality, blues, bondage, bones, books, boots, buffy, candle-making, candles, canning, cats, charmed, chemistry, clive barker, coffee, community gardening, computers, conventions, cookbooks, cooking, corsetry, corsets, costumes, costuming, crafts, cuddling, deep space nine, desire, donovan, dragons, dream interpretation, elfquest, elves, eq2, er, erotica, everquest 2, faeries, fairies, fantasy, fantasy art, fetish, fiction, flirting, garb, goth, goth music, handcuffs, harry potter, herbology, herbs, horror, hot tubs, house md, incense, industrial music, intimacy, james marsters, janis joplin, jason isaacs, jewelry, jk rowling, johnny depp, joss whedon, kevin smith, kissing, kittens, knitting, lord of the rings, lust, magic, med school, medical school, medicine, merchants of deva, mythology, nine inch nails, norwescon, opera, p-patch, pagan, pain, parenting, passion, pea-patch, period cooking, pets, poetry, porn, pre-med, punk music, reading, rituals, rob dougan, role playing games, role-playing, roller derby, roller skating, rpgs, sandalwood, sca, sci-fi, science fiction, science fiction conventions, sensuality, sewing, sex, shakespeare, silk, skiing, skting, snuggling, society for creative anachronism, spike, star trek, swimming, swords, tarot, tarot cards, tattoos, tea, tea party, tea time, techno music, terry brooks, thai food, the mercury, thoth tarot, tim burton, tolkien, tori amos, university of washington, urban dead, vampires, velvet, victorian, victoriana, voyager, wicca, x-box, x-men
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